34c3 Techtalks


Hier sind technische Talks zu finden, soziale sind hier.

  • Antipatterns und Missverständnisse in der Softwareentwicklung: gute Erinnerung daran, welchen Themen man Aufmerksamkeit geben und welche Haltung man haben sollte. Schema eines Antipatterns in der Praxis: Problem → Lösungsidee → (gehackte) Lösung → Probleme der Umsetzung. Dann hoffentlich ein Lerneffekt/Ratschlag daraus. TODO …

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Wer A sagt muss auch BCDE sagen

Ich will eine CD auf dem MP3-player anhören. Was nimmt man denn so zum rippen? Zuerst ist die Lage unübersichtlich: Es gibt richtig viele Tools und die basieren häufig wieder auf anderen Tools (z.B. auf cdparanoia). Was die Lage noch unübersichtlicher macht … alle haben auch eine ganze Menge Abhängigkeiten …

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Switching To Lineage



Understand Signatures

for digital signatures to make any sense, we must ensure …

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Why does it feel risky to use an alternative firmware?

Update [2017-03-07]: I just installed lineageOS and have to say that they have excellent documentation. Really, really awesome! Everyone I rely on (opengapps, twrp, lineageOS, fdroid) provides gpg keys, and signs releases and documentation on how to verify them. The last two things that are left are:

  • check that information …

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Stuff I like on YouTube & Co

Yup. Videos and other stuff that you might like. Or hate. I don't care.


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The wonderful world of bash scripting

Currently this is a list of tools and practices I fancy related to programming in bash. Naturally this list will change. In the end this should give beginners a nice overview and serve as my personal reference list as it reflects my current personal opinion.

Remember: I am not telling …

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Bash in_array madness

You have the problem that you want to check if a value is in an array in Bash. Well, then you have more than one problem, or in other words: the fun begins. :)

The following is partly a script that can be executed and partly a post. Probably I should …

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Why I sometimes need Windows … (even if you don't like it, or the company behind it).

This might be a surprising statement for people who know me and know that I am running linux (ubuntu, debian, cyanogenmod, arch, openmediavault) on all my devices since … something like 10 years?

However I …

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Lasst doch bitte meine Oma in Ruhe

Der Ratschlag: „Deine Oma sollte deine Arbeit verstehen“ ist völliger Quark!

Ganz feinfühlig gefragt: Wer könnte da etwa anderer Meinung sein?1

Genau, niemand, denn direkt offensichtlich ist das, wenn man sich einerseits die Forderung vor Augen führt, dass die lieben Studenten (mit Vorwissen und Übung!), die Paper die sie …

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Interesting answers on stackoverflow

A quick list of stackoverflow questions with very interesting answers (will be updated in irregular intervals):

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Configure wicd for eduroam

Find the settings your university uses, mine uses eap with ttls and pap. Change all the names accordingly. Copy the following template to /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/eap-ttls-pap.

author = Valentin Heinz
version = 1
require identity *Identity password *Password
protected password *Password
        ssid="$_ESSID …

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Being a good TA


For now, this article is just a placeholder.

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Functional Completeness

To those new to logic and new to junctors, it is sometimes surprising, that we do not need all the junctors to be functionally complete. As Wikipedia states and those already familiar with propositional or predicate logic know: the conjunction and the negation are already functionally complete.

It is quite …

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Services and tools for OSS

A quick list of useful tools for your open-source project. All of them (besides uberspace) are free for public projects. I'll try to keep the list updated.

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Spring Cleaning Debian

This is a quick post about removing clutter that accumulates sooner or later in the form of programs you installed once and forgot.

Or more positively: From time to time it's nice to clean up unused programs.

Typically it is good to use a GUI if you have one, so …

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The Earley Parser in NLTK

Recently I timed the earley parser included in NTLK. The results are quite surprising. This might have to do with the various ways to measure time: timeit, cProfile and datetime are solutions that are used all over the web.

This article is about parsing and measuring time. In the end …

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How to take a screenshot of a virtual display server

Let us run and record arbitrary GUI programs via xvfb-run (which itself is a script to run stuff in Xvfb)! I am going to record the session via avconv and will take a screenshot with xwd each second. But first things first.

Xvfb is virtual display server -- implementing the X11 …

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