Wer A sagt muss auch BCDE sagen

Ich will eine CD auf dem MP3-player anhören. Was nimmt man denn so zum rippen? Zuerst ist die Lage unübersichtlich: Es gibt richtig viele Tools und die basieren häufig wieder auf anderen Tools (z.B. auf cdparanoia). Was die Lage noch unübersichtlicher macht … alle haben auch eine ganze Menge Abhängigkeiten …

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Switching To Lineage



Understand Signatures

for digital signatures to make any sense, we must ensure …

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Why does it feel risky to use an alternative firmware?

Update [2017-03-07]: I just installed lineageOS and have to say that they have excellent documentation. Really, really awesome! Everyone I rely on (opengapps, twrp, lineageOS, fdroid) provides gpg keys, and signs releases and documentation on how to verify them. The last two things that are left are:

  • check that information …

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Why I sometimes need Windows … (even if you don't like it, or the company behind it).

This might be a surprising statement for people who know me and know that I am running linux (ubuntu, debian, cyanogenmod, arch, openmediavault) on all my devices since … something like 10 years?

However I …

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Configure wicd for eduroam

Find the settings your university uses, mine uses eap with ttls and pap. Change all the names accordingly. Copy the following template to /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/eap-ttls-pap.

author = Valentin Heinz
version = 1
require identity *Identity password *Password
protected password *Password
        ssid="$_ESSID …

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Spring Cleaning Debian

This is a quick post about removing clutter that accumulates sooner or later in the form of programs you installed once and forgot.

Or more positively: From time to time it's nice to clean up unused programs.

Typically it is good to use a GUI if you have one, so …

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