Today, a new blog is born. This blog.

Hello World!

Let's see where life and this blog goes. Let's see what happens. I should probably mention that this is my private (sometimes opinionated) blog.

This Blog

This blog, as the footer probably says, is generated with Pelican, a static site generator. I ported an uikit theme to be used with Pelican. Also I am hosting everything myself, so I won't include external libraries, after all, this is my blog. I included Yoshi for no particular reason, I simply liked the pixely image. :) Oh and more really cool things:

  • you can get feeds for almost everything (i.e.: categories, tags, authors, …) by replacing .html with .xml, so: https://blog.inktrap.org/category/code.xml should give you the feed for the category code while https://blog.inktrap.org/tag/functional.xml will give you the feed for the tag functional. Feel free to play around with this, other pages might have feeds too.
  • (currently) the structure for images replicates the structure for categories.


  • [2016-11-30]: Yup, I started to write more and this blog that I made with care is a really nice way to share the things I like and rant about the things I don't. You are welcome. :)

Planned Features

  • include sitemap
  • include automatically checked code
  • microblogging: pumpio/identica/statusnet
  • comments: maybe the oldschool-way: comments via mail (it is nice to make a point (no external disqus!) and using mails permits me to use the usual spam filtering and sorting tools, so this could be a nice experiment) or maybe comments via pumpio?

If you ever feel bored, there is an easter egg on inktrap.org. :)