Switching To Lineage



Understand Signatures

for digital signatures to make any sense, we must ensure that the public keys we use for signature verification are indeed the original ones.


  • I chose to transfer pictures and contacts to my laptop.
  • I know my most important apps, but think it is handy to have a list (export your settings and feeds beforehand).
  • boot into recovery and backup with twrp, then transfer the backup to another device. adb backup seems somehow broken :(


  • I have a OnePlus, so I downloaded bacon: lineage-14.1-20170213-nightly-bacon-signed.zip
  • check the sig (SHA256!!).
  • find the docs

Other Apps

  • OpenGapps (I chose to download it from GitHub directly, because OpenGapps uses http) (and md5)
  • Su (check sig: keytool -list -printcert -jarfile addons*.zip)
  • Fdroid (see steps below)


  • download fdroid
  • import the fdroid key: gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --search-keys admin@f-droid.org
  • The primary key fingerprint 37D2 C987 89D8 3119 4839 4E3E 41E7 044E 1DBA 2E89 (see wiki) has to match the output of gpg --list-keys.
  • check that the signature matches: gpg --verify org.fdroid.fdroid_102150.apk.asc org.fdroid.fdroid_102150.apk
  • adaway
  • antennapod (get feeds from backup)
  • mupdf
  • newpipe
  • davdroid
  • barcodescanner
  • terminal emulator
  • move certs
  • cadroid

Google Play Store

  • vlc
  • firefox
  • signal
  • whatsapp


  • I wanted to start fresh and wiped media and everything else.
  • I checked all the apps to match the gpg signature (sha-256).
  • I then created md5sums that can be checked by the installer (and checked that the matched the official md5).
  • and pushed the files: for i in ./*.apk ./*.zip ./*.md5; do adb push $i /sdcard/; done
  • then I installed them, lineage first, gapps second, su last.


  • enable privacy guard by default
  • enable installation of apps from untrusted sources
  • install fdroid by opening the apk
  • import contacts and calendars
  • add certificate with cadroid
  • configure davdroid
  • allow apps to gain root
  • update adblock filterlists
  • configure firefox settings and sync
  • configure whatsapp and signal
  • configure antennapod
  • keyboard/notifications/lights/background
  • remove transfered apps and files
  • perform a backup of your fresh system with twrp :D