The wonderful world of bash scripting

Currently this is a list of tools and practices I fancy related to programming in bash. Naturally this list will change. In the end this should give beginners a nice overview and serve as my personal reference list as it reflects my current personal opinion.

Remember: I am not telling …

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Bash in_array madness

You have the problem that you want to check if a value is in an array in Bash. Well, then you have more than one problem, or in other words: the fun begins. :)

The following is partly a script that can be executed and partly a post. Probably I should …

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How to take a screenshot of a virtual display server

Let us run and record arbitrary GUI programs via xvfb-run (which itself is a script to run stuff in Xvfb)! I am going to record the session via avconv and will take a screenshot with xwd each second. But first things first.

Xvfb is virtual display server -- implementing the X11 …

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