Why I sometimes need Windows … (even if you don't like it, or the company behind it).

This might be a surprising statement for people who know me and know that I am running linux (ubuntu, debian, cyanogenmod, arch, openmediavault) on all my devices since … something like 10 years?

However I would like to remind myself that -- even if Windows is not free and not at all a choice as a desktop or server operating system for me -- it is good to have access to it for the following reasons:

  • you want/have to test your web applications with Edge/IE
  • update your Bios
  • games
  • work

In short, you have five options:

  • run stuff with [wine]
  • run a vm
  • run a FreeDOS usb created with Rufus (but you still need to run Rufus somehow)
  • dual boot (if you already have it)
  • have a “Windows exclusive” device

Obviously, which solution you choose depends on the problem you are trying to solve.


If you want to support internet explorer, even if you probably don't really want to, you can test it (in a vm with IE/Edge (or choose one of the other options that MS offers, or pay a company that does cross-browser testing (if that is enough)).

internet explorer

I have not tried to run IE with wine, because the VM approach is easy, just make sure that you can access your web application from inside the VM.


You may want to update your BIOS because there are dangerous bugs out there (note how lenovo thinks that the “execution of arbitrary code” is only of “Medium” severity. :D Nice.

I have not found a solution here yet, probably I am going to try a VM or the FreeDOS/Rufus solution. This currently is my biggest "Oh shit, I NEED Windows" situation.


Sometimes it is really annoying to set up wine (depends on the games you play) … if you are playing regularly, you probably want some kind of Windows. This point is not so important for me and I don't want to recommend anything here. Wine worked for me in the past. Anyway thehumblebundle stuff looks nice and the gap seems to get smaller. If I would play newer Windows games I would probably dual-boot or buy a dedicated device (least favorited option).